Update Santa Cruz Bolivia

Update Santa Cruz Bolivia,

Row eight isle seat looking at the monitor on the back of the seat in from of me there is information you can watch where the aircraft is over the world as you sit there and think about what you are seeing.

Over 41,000 feet, I forget the speed but the temperature caught my eye, a cool -74 degrees and me without my long johns. For those of you who have seen one of these monitors it keeps one informed of where you came from, where you are going, speed, miles already traveled and miles to get there and a lot more.

Reads like some possible sermon material!

Just to let you know we four arrived safe and sound. Getting to where you need to go happens when a lot of people are involved. My first driver took me down to MSP at 2 am and my last driver, a Spanish taxi driver drove us to our present lodging arriving at 5:30am the next day.

So our journey begins thanks to many of you who prayed for safe travels and recovered bodies. A little longer distance this time as we flew to Colombia first, and it feels like we may have went around the world. I reckon we are getting older.

Time to begin today my first task of renewing a carnet which is an identification card which is needed here in this country if you are a resident. 

Many more people will be involved in my life today as someone helps me through the process of renewal of paperwork. The point being not any of us walk though this life alone. Thank you, Jesus, for you always walk with us every second of every day.

God bless and thank you for your prayers so far. Bruce from a new location – a library room with a nice small kitchen attached.

Day three already,