Update Bolivia October 2022

How many things do you see in this picture (below) that are very interesting to consider?

For us in our high tech world this is not too common especially the chicken in the theater!
They are watching the Jesus film through their cell phone enlarged by a magnifying screen. Four or more can easily see the film and hear the audio just fine.

Families like these are receiving these tools to hear the Word of God, prerecorded Bible programs and videos.

One of the most exciting outreaches among the Chimane women is the continued Bible teaching they are receiving. This whole outreach is a major breakthrough to the women by our co-worker Judy Burke. Lessons have been written and now recorded by Chimane women. They send the recordings to us and we edit them, add music and format them on flash drives for their solar powered radios.
There is a need for 50 more radios for the ladies that have come to the teaching. We would like to see each lady receive a radio in January.
How would you like to consider if there is some way that you can help? These radios only cost $10 apiece, not a bad investment!

We love this picture! Singing from her hymn book to her child, who doesn’t enjoy doing that?
Here is where you can help!