Talitha’s Massage for a Mission Update

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The Andes Mountains in Ecuador, we are coming as messengers. Messengers from Azmera, a team of sixteen to bring not only good news of peace and salvation but of hope and restoration. The news that God reigns still applies today. Our feet are ready to be used by God to help build a bridge. A bridge of healing and encouragement.

-The tickets have been bought!
-No need to update the shot records!
-No need to worry about the red suitcase getting lost, it has a new owner now
-There will be 5 ladies I know from previous trips

-BUT still lacking $1,400

Just want to Thank each one of you who have already been faithfully praying for our team and the ladies who are coming to the retreat. It’s not too late to join this “massage for a mission” adventure to Ecuador. The links below will guide you to where to stay up to date and to financially give. Thank you for believing in me, and investing in the Kingdom!

-with much love and appreciation