September 7th Update (2021)

Praise Items

It is good to give thanks! How do you like my new earrings?

1. We left on August 18th. It seems like yesterday. I was
thinking how many people do you think have been
involved in getting a person this far? Actually four people
were in our party. The answer is many! I was also thinking,
we got into a metal box, held together mostly with millions
of rivets. Then you add wings, with hundreds of gallons of
fuel inside the wings, rubber for landing gear, and food for
a couple hundred passengers. My point being sometimes
just giving thanks doesn’t quite show all the people who
were involved to get us here. Someone also built the
runways long ago that we land on, and we hardly think of
those who put the white stripes on the center line. Oh,
thank you Lord. There is so much we take for granted!

2. We have been fed and housed. We have electricity,
internet, and snacks! No nightly newscasts unless you

want to look them up on the web. I mentioned before that
we have meals on wheels, just download the APP and dial
away. This form of isolation isn’t too bad, but I miss my
wife and kiddos. Not like when we first arrived in Bolivia,
the comfort zone has changed a lot. We Praise the Lord
there has been a lot of progress in Bolivia these days.
Thank you Lord!

3. What we came to do has been almost completed and new
projects have been started. Thank you Lord for meeting all
these needs. Especially being able to meet with four
different groups of people and being able to hear their
stories of God’s Grace.

What makes a kid smile? I wonder how
old these young kiddos are now. I wonder if their lives are
still full of smiles. There is something about a kids’ smile
that makes us all want to smile.

Prayer Requests:
1. We are on the wind down now. Or are we still wound up
from last week’s whirlwind? We need discernment to
pull things together these next few days.

2. The different language groups we met with are full of
excitement and they are encouraged in the Lord. Is it
easy having a ministry among very isolated people? To
travel they use whatever is available to get upriver or
downriver to share God’s Story. Please pray that their
travels and meetings with their people in their own
language will be fruitful. We know God’s Word does not
return void!

3. All these folks we are working with have many hours of
time in recording scripts for various video projects.
Please pray as they show these films; that the projectors
they use, SD cards, radios and now cell phones will
increase the knowledge of God’s plan for their lives. If
you can imagine sitting around a campfire, or in a mud
house, or in a no wall house listening to a recorder of
some kind and hearing God’s talk coming out of a box.
One thing they know, they are hearing the audio in their

own language. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by
the Word of God. There will be fruit!

4. We ask prayer for some extra financial needs we didn’t
figure on. Only God knew he would be asking us to buy
four cell phones for recording purposes. We did have
the funds that were not included in our general
expenses for this trip. Nearly $1000 was invested by
faith. So far, they are working great. We pray they will
last and not get stolen.

Seems like a cool way to
do ministry. Imagine it is you in the canoe, all packed up
and ready to go and set up camp for an evening showing
of the Jesus film! Sound exciting? Let’s not forget the
evening bug population that will come out to see the
film. And the evening bats love bugs so now you have a
pleasant evening of viewing a film that can change a
persons’ life. Are you willing to go?

Thanks again. God bless, Bruce from the new room!