Radio License

Dear Partners in prayer ,

We have an urgent prayer request!  As you know this month, May 2021, is Radio license renewal month.  There is a process we need to go through to renew the license.
One of the key elements is the transfer of frequency ownership of the radio station. For the last 20 years a Chimane man has had his name on the license as the owner.  This man is no longer in the area but the transfer from one name to another has to happen or one has to apply for a new license. Right now the government of Bolivia is not granting new licenses.  We need to get in contact with the man whose name is on the license and get him to sign over the ownership.
Would you please pray that we can find him, that he agrees to the transfer and we can be on our way to renewing our license?  The enemy has his ways of getting involved, but God has the upper hand. We need your intercession for this whole process as legally the radio cannot operate without a license.
We will keep all of you informed as the process continues. Also please pray for our radio technician as he does the foot work in offices and takes care of the legal paperwork.
Sincerely in Christ,
Bruce and Jan Johnson