Prayer Letter August 2020

Greetings dear friends,

I would imagine by now you have already looked over the pictures and said your Oohs and Ahs! Everyone cleaned up pretty good for family pictures. Well this wasn’t just any family picture as it was the last of the Johnson girls tying the knot.

Talitha and her husband Rob have moved out to Arvada, Colorado. Talitha has lots of friends out there and it is also where the Lord provided a civil engineering job for Rob. He started this week, good luck Rob.

I just have a few other words to say about our present situation which is pretty much the same for all of us around the world right now.

The ever-present “C” word is in just about every newscast, in most people’s conversations at some point and who knows it might become a famous word someday. I can think of many other “C” words which are so much better to think about: Christ, Cross, Conversion, and Calvary just to name a few.

We are all doing well. It has been a busy couple of months but now it is back to normal. Our plans are to return to Bolivia the first chance we get. We are not sure when that will be yet.

We are nearly done with the script in Chimane for recording the video ACTS. We are almost ready to record the video JOHN in Ayore. So yes, we have plans to return and continue these projects. In the meantime, praise the Lord the radio at Horeb keeps broadcasting 24/7. This is a HUGE blessing for many and especially for those in isolated areas.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support for us and for the ministry in Bolivia. We appreciate each one of you so very much!!

From our extended family to yours, God Bless you!