October 2019 Update

Dear friends, supporters and prayer warriors

From the use of a boom box, 12-volt battery and a solar panel to keep the battery charged, we started a recording project 20 years ago. From its humble beginning with cassette tapes (remember those) to today with the use of microchip technology, some 1,500 battery-operated radios were bought over the years and now it is personal cell phones that they are listening to.  Who would have thought?

So many of you have followed this ministry for many years and can recall the many miracles it took to advance the recording ministry to the present-day FM radio station. To list all the people involved would take many sheets of paper along with many we have never met who have prayed for the advancement of the Word of God via radio waves. 

Bible Broadcasting Network in Charlotte N.C. has played a huge part in setting us up with programs in Spanish, which we were able to rebroadcast via satellite. We are deeply grateful for their part in helping us advance the gospel in Spanish. Our focus was a tribal language that exists in our broadcasting area. We set out with only one group in mind, The Chimane, but before long it advanced to two more language groups and now five language groups had Bible programs on the airwaves.  Who would have thought?

We went from small generators to medium-sized generators and finally to 24-hour electrical power from the power lines which ran right by our place. For several years we have had the huge privilege of broadcasting 24/7 which was a goal that came to pass, praise the Lord for those years!

Today because of the high cost of electricity, three lightning strikes and many repairs we are presently off the air. It’s a sad day when the radio is not on to encourage the many who listen.  The listeners are very used to a good quality sound and precious messages from God’s Word. There is another reason we are not on the air at this time, but hopefully, we will be soon.

The pictures below are a huge reminder of God’s wonderful provision and protection, His Mercy in many cases and tons of Grace. We all have had the privilege of serving these wonderful men and women in the broadcasting area with the Precious Word of God in various languages these past 20 years. Some day you will be rewarded for your faithfulness.  We say it has been “not a step of faith in the dark” but a “step of faith in the light”.     

Now, for some real great and reassuring news. We have been talking, reviewing the ministry, and planning for a new licensing date that we thought was coming due this year. Our planning and thinking ahead was not in vain as it brought us back in full focus on the reason why we have a radio station broadcasting the Word of God to so many. Someone decided to check the renewal date on our license, that hangs on the wall reading, “May 24th, 2021”! 

Such great news came when we needed a HUGE boost of encouragement. Thank you, Lord, for your surprise that was right in front of our noses.

With great news comes needs of course. Our general account is looking pretty low. After such a surprise that our license is good for two more years, we know that God must have a plan to meet the needs we will have for the next two years. We are totally dependent on God’s people to help; we have several share-a-thons each year and it’s a blessing receiving those funds from people who are truly poor as they step up to help.

  1. Please pray with us that the next two years will continue to be a HUGE blessing to the listeners.
  2. There is great discipleship teaching going on, with a huge hunger for the Word of God so the Spirit will have another way to reach and quicken souls for the Kingdom.
  3. We desire to go back to 24/7 broadcasting; we need lots of help financially for this to happen.

Thanks for taking the time to rejoice and praise God for His faithfulness.

We pray you will visit our website and consider how the Lord would lead you to help us finish this transition in the black.  The Chimane radio website: https://ethnos360.org/projects/chimane-radio

Sincerely from the radio team – Rosauro,  Sandallio, Erman and Adrian and co-workers with them Bruce and Jan Johnson