May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends – A person usually doesn’t think of where sound comes from or how it travels to your ears. These are just a few parts that are useful in radio ministry or any audio or visual outreach. We call it ministry getting the Word of God out to the four winds where isolated people groups live and have lived for years.

Here is an update on our progress these past weeks in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

This is the project we are working on with four different language groups. Many hours of recording, editing and dubbing their voices on these videos, which will be available for cell phone viewing in the near future.

  1. The Chimane are about 85% done with 18 episodes
  2. The Trinitario are about 65% done, now on lesson 13
  3. The Yuracare are about 65% done, now on lesson 18
  4. The Simba are about 45% done, now on lesson 8

We are making great progress. We are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Sometime next year we should see the end results of many hours of recording, editing and

We are praying that some more financial help will come in soon as we wind down this session. We thank you for your prayers for good voices, good health, and the stress of it all, especially getting into the hot box and speaking out loud for everyone to hear. If you feel led to help, here are two ways to give.

God bless you all!! Thank you for your help and concern for this outreach.

Bruce and Jan for the team of many