June 2021 – Radio Update

Dear Friends,

The other day a couple of officials stopped by the Radio Station and informed us we are three days over our license date. In one way I was surprised they even kept tabs on us, and on the other hand I was once again reminded that 20 years of broadcasting had come to an end. We do pray that it will not be permanent!

Yes, we are officially in the process of renewing the license. Can I give you a return to broadcasting time? Not yet. Our technician is busy with various trips to offices and traveling to various cities where such paperwork is done. I remember the first permit process I thought we had covered every city in Bolivia. No such thing as one office with all the information, paper work, and officials to stamp the paper work. Still no contact with the person that needs to sign the paperwork for us.

We are praying of course there will be a few less offices to visit this time because we have all the information already in various folders. The change this time is we have a new government with new offices and new officials to stamp and approve the paperwork. Are you tracking me so far?

Progress is being made. We are very thankful for the extra gifts that have come in to help with this process. There are always many hidden costs in this process that just about give you a headache. We are very grateful also for the man who is doing most of the leg work, please remember him in prayer as he also has a job and a family to support during this extra service for us. He is a Christian and enjoys his work very much and is a huge help to us keeping the whole system working at the Chimane Radio Station.

Keep praying please and thank you for the extra help, God bless, until the next update.

Bruce and Jan