Video recording and dubbing!

There are many exciting things about audio and visual tools that help people in isolated areas to understand the life of a very important person. That person is Jesus Christ. This film has been around for a while. Word by word scripture gives meaning to the life of Christ.

We have begun this project with two language groups – the Chimane and Ayore. The Chimane have finished with episode one already. There are three long episodes, nearly a three-hour film from the Book of John.

So far it is going quite well. There are many voices needed to complete all the script. We love doing these films in multi voice as it adds a great deal of ownership and meaning to the film. Finding readers is a huge challenge but for many this is not their first film.

Would you please consider how you can help? These films are not cheap to produce but they are unique as we are doing them in their own language and in various languages. So, the price may seem a little high.

Thank you so much! Please look up this new and exciting project on this website:

Bruce and Jan Johnson