Help us reach our goal with Genesis Project


Tribal groups in Bolivia are often scattered in many isolated villages. The more isolated the village, the more wary and suspicious the people are of outsiders.

But videos are non-threatening. The people let their guard down and listen. For that reason, we believe that well-done videos in the heart language of the people will be a great tool for the ministers.

The goal is to prepare the Genesis Project video series for six of the languages of Bolivia to help overcome some of the challenges among isolated villages.

How you’ll be helping
Your gift to this project will speed the completion of the videos for immediate use. The Genesis Project videos help to teach foundational truths about God, creation, sin and the promised Savior. They provide an excellent accompaniment to the Jesus Film project that was completed in 2017. These videos are not designed to replace a teacher in each village, but they are to be one tool for the ministers to use.