Genesis Project Update – April 2019

Dear friends and supporters,

We are having an interesting April here in Minnesota. In the last week or so it has dropped in temperature, snowed, hailed and thunder stormed all within 24hrs causing most schools to close. Now it is warming up and they are talking about rain for this week. As we watch the birds, they seem so confused.

In our hands we have two copies of many hours of recording and mastering of the Genesis Project for the Chimane. We also finished the Simba video recorded by Jack Russell. We are nearly done with Spanish, Trinitario and Yura, as well as starting on the Ayore language. We want to acknowledge JAARs in North Carolina for helping us with the mastering and production of these finished videos. We continue to work with them as we work with these other language groups.

The end of April I plan on returning to Bolivia to hand these finished Episodes (18 in all) to the Chimanes who are waiting patiently to SEE their finished work.

A wonderful verse in Psalm 43 reminds me of our dedicated co-workers Dan and Judy Burke who “Send out the Light” through literature, Bible studies and discipleship. Audio and video are also playing a part as well as through cell phones. One part of this Genesis Project is to format it into episodes to access on their cell phones.

Thank you all for praying for this large project. We trust this series of God’s Word through video will lead them to a Holy place near God’s heart.

Bruce and Jan Johnson