Chimane Radio October 2021 Update

This knot is confusing to look at for very long.

Many of us have put away extension cords or ropes that we used to later find out they have knots in them. I think they get that way from just hanging on the nail! Some of those knots are so small and tight we just live with them every time we use the extension cord.

After 20 years of broadcasting on the radio redoing the paperwork is like trying to undo the many knots that got there by years of hanging on the wall.

After three government changes, fines, and a new purpose statement plus a visit to many offices, the paperwork is still in progress. On a positive note, the fellows doing the paperwork get to explain why we want to go back on the air with the best Good News that air waves can carry. Jesus is the reason!

Since we began the license renewal we have started to see some light through the maze of knots. I remember our first go at it 20 years ago, so much paperwork to fill
out, photocopies to be made, updating information etc. Now you add three government changes with new requirements for broadcasting and your purpose for
broadcasting to the list of things to do. Our Message is the same, some new rules have been added and before long we hope to be back on the air.

What I like about this knot is that it shows all four directions working together. In the center it seems it is tied together for a purpose: The Message of Jesus

Thank you all for your prayers. If you’d like to help support the needs of relicensing and future broadcasting, please send your gifts to:

312 W 1st St.
Sanford, FL. 32771
Marked for Chimane Radio Bolivia

With sincere appreciation,

Bruce and Jan Johnson Bolivia S. A.