Chimane Conference Center Update

How is the Chimane Conference Center coming along?

We have a few pictures as the Chimanes’ launch the use of their new building. We praise the Lord for so many who have prayed and helped with the construction costs of this building. The end of October the Chimanes held their first meeting complete with dinner and a film in their own language.

It was a pretty full house, not a lot of room left. They don’t have a lot of conveniences yet; many are used to sitting on the floor. Especially, moms with small children. After sharing some refreshing words from the Bible, they were singing and praising the Lord for a nice building to worship in. We know the building is not the church, but it is where there are two or more meeting together praising the Lord for His faithfulness.

As you can see, we still lack some chairs, a pulpit, and a whiteboard for the teacher. We also need two small tables and some fans in the ceiling. It was very hot when these pictures were taken. They are coming into the hot and humid weather these next few months; fans would be a huge help. They are making plans for a longer conference time – a two- or three-day conference.

Prayer considerations and needs:

  1. Please pray for plans for future conferences
  2. More chairs, tables and a pulpit are needed
  3. Two overhead fans or floor fans are needed.
  4. Extra pots for cooking and plates and silverware are needed.
  5. Most important pray for hearts to be prepared for the Word of God to come in and make a difference in their lives.

Please check out our three web sites where you can help with recording projects, solar radios and conference center needs.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bruce and Jan Johnson Bolivia S.A.