September 7th Update (2021)

Praise Items It is good to give thanks! How do you like my new earrings? 1. We left on August 18th. It seems like yesterday. I was thinking how many people do you think have been involved in getting a person this far? Actually four people were in our party. The answer is many! I was … Read more

September 3rd Update

Don Nati arrived unexpectedly; I didn’t think I’d see him until next year. The Lord surprised us both because neither of us knew the other one was here. Fun time getting caught up!   Would you like to give a title to this picture? They are so beautiful! Thanks for your prayers this week. God … Read more

The delivery!

The delivery! After ten years of being assembled as sound booths we finally took them down and brought them out to our new location. If a guy could squeeze the foam and blankets I wonder what kinds of sounds would come out? A lot of recording was done in these hot boxes! It was a … Read more

August 2021 Updates

August 21st Update August 22nd Update = Returning to the home land! August 25th Update = Food and Fellowship! August 27th Update = What could possibly have changed in Bolivia? August 29th Update = The Week in Review  

Update Santa Cruz Bolivia

Update Santa Cruz Bolivia, Row eight isle seat looking at the monitor on the back of the seat in from of me there is information you can watch where the aircraft is over the world as you sit there and think about what you are seeing. Over 41,000 feet, I forget the speed but the … Read more

June 2021 – Radio Update

Dear friends, For all of us who know this verse, it’s refreshing to reflect on this hope. I Thessalonians 4:16-17 “For the Lord HIMSELF will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are … Read more

June 2021 – Radio Update

Dear Friends, The other day a couple of officials stopped by the Radio Station and informed us we are three days over our license date. In one way I was surprised they even kept tabs on us, and on the other hand I was once again reminded that 20 years of broadcasting had come to … Read more

May of 2021 – fresh field news from Bolivia

Here it is the middle of May of 2021 and we had hoped to have fresh field news from Bolivia. Our trip was stopped by the government of Bolivia stating the conditions in Bolivia at that time were not good for outsiders to enter the country. Our trip was set aside for another time, hopefully … Read more

Radio License

Dear Partners in prayer , We have an urgent prayer request!  As you know this month, May 2021, is Radio license renewal month.  There is a process we need to go through to renew the license. One of the key elements is the transfer of frequency ownership of the radio station. For the last 20 years a … Read more