Bolivia Update September 2023

Dear friends and prayer warriors,

There is a lot of activity around here these days. A week has gone by and one huge goal has been reached. The first goal was to get 400 micro chips loaded and put in small plastic containers to send with 30 solar powered radios.

The second phase was to box all this up along with some extra goodies. Today they went out via bus to two other towns before arriving near the jungle locations. It will take a few days to arrive at someone’s home. We hope to hear of their arrival before I leave Bolivia.
It is a huge privilege to get such a simple radio out to isolated families with the Precious Word of God in their language.

Preparing for another ongoing project involves much study and translating from one language to another. It takes time. These men are working on a slide show that walks through the Bible. Then they will record it and I (Bruce) will put it together with music and sound effects.

Thank you, dear friends and supporters, for making this project possible.
Please check out our web sites and see how God’s people are supplying for this huge need. We thank God for His faithfulness.

Sincerely in Christ,
Bruce and Jan Johnson Bolivia S.A.