April 8th, 2022

April 8th 2022 Have you ever heard the phrase, “we need to be on the same page”? We have penned a new phrase, “Let’s get on the same limb”.  At least we are all facing the same direction! When we pen you news updates we thank you for being on the same page and same … Read more

November 11th 2021

It’s a great day, Veteran’s Day, a day to rejoice for our freedom and those who served us all. There’s another group of veterans I would love to say thank you to for your example and service while serving in Bolivia. S.A. I (Bruce) had the privilege of serving in the military for nearly eight … Read more


Video recording and dubbing! There are many exciting things about audio and visual tools that help people in isolated areas to understand the life of a very important person. That person is Jesus Christ. This film has been around for a while. Word by word scripture gives meaning to the life of Christ. We have … Read more