April 8th, 2022

April 8th 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase, “we need to be on the same page”?

We have penned a new phrase, “Let’s get on the same limb”.  At least we are all facing the same direction!

When we pen you news updates we thank you for being on the same page and same limb. Praise be to God for His creation that can remind us that together we sit and together we fly.

One very exciting ministry that is going on is our co-worker is writing lessons for women for learning more about the Bible.

These two women and others help put together these lessons in an audio format. They are then edited and pictures and music are added to make a nice audio study for the women.

All of this is a huge step forward in making well trained disciples in the Chimane culture.

Another huge blessing is that we have converted part of our radio studio into a theater where many can come and watch videos, slide shows, and listen to audio teaching in the Chimane language.

Here the listening audience can have a bug free movie night. 

Jan and I keep busy with two huge projects. The recording, editing, and dubbing of two videos.   We are working on the John video in Chimane and Ayore.  We just finished the ACTS film with the Ayore.  It is now in the hands of JAARS who quality check the audio clips and render the video. We hope to take this film down to Bolivia mid-May.

We pray you will look at our website and consider how you can help prayerfully and financially with this project. 

  1. Please pray that travel to Bolivia in May will not have any more mandates.
  2. Please pray for those who are recording these films, there are many people involved and it is not an easy project.
  3. Please pray for good health for those who are recording.  It can sure slow the process down if they have bad voices.



I know the Lord is keeping His Eye on all our needs and blesses all of us as we walk by faith and not by sight!

Serving Jesus till He comes, 


Bruce and Jan Johnson