April 2020 Update

Dear friends and fellow co-workers,

We all know now our world has taken on new challenges, to say the least. We here in Minnesota are seeing God’s creation come alive once again after a somewhat normal winter. It is always interesting how the frost affects the ground, the damage done by a few drops of frozen water. The corner of my deck was raised two inches. On the other hand, the birds have begun their toil in life, building nests, looking for food and singing their songs that God gave each one. It’s all amazing; many of us now have the time to see these creation moments that we may have missed during our normal busy day.

J. Sidlow Baxter penned these words- Many Christians are like radio or television sets which are tuned in but not turned on. One of our biggest needs today is that those who have “ears to hear” shall practice “listening in” again to the spirit.

Many of you know that one of our biggest needs was to solve the electric bill for running the radio station 24/7. A crisis such as the one we all face has changed the way we have done things. It has also challenged our thinking. Is God still the provider of miracles during such a time as this?

I have been reminded more than once of Hebrews 11:6 “but without faith it is impossible to please Him.” This month we took a huge step of faith and returned to 24/7 broadcasting. With all that is going on not only in our world but the world of those in isolated areas, we need to hear the words of our Savior and the hope He promised all of us.

Of all months April is probably the most important month to listen to the hope we have in Christ and His return.

Watchman Nee wrote – Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection.

Nearly all of our listening audience are experiencing the same restriction of social gathering limitations and few trips to the local villages for supplies. The radio is such a HUGE comfort to them during this time. God is good all the time so we trust in Him and His word does not return void.

Thank you for your prayers and support during these trying times. I’m also reminded of Rom. 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

Bruce and Jan, with the Chimane men on the front lines keeping the radio station on the air.

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