The delivery!

After ten years of being assembled as sound booths
we finally took them down and brought them out to
our new location. If a guy could squeeze the foam
and blankets I wonder what kinds of sounds would
come out? A lot of recording was done in these hot
boxes! It was a bit sad taking them apart but soon
they will be reassembled and probably some new
ideas added. If a guy, (Minnesota phrase) wanted to
lose weight you could get in our “hot box” and
record for awhile. No A/C, one light over your head,
a pulpit, a microphone and of course your script.
Blocking out any noise was the goal and it worked
just great, just hot! Puzzle pieces, they are so much
fun putting back together.

Life is about food, all kinds of
food. Our Lord sure is creative when it comes to
fruit of all kinds. Just makes me hungry looking at it.
We passed by a market place the other day. We
sure miss the fresh, sometimes too fresh fruit.

Fresh includes bugs flying around and maybe an ant
or two.
Thank you praying for us. We have been very busy,
and some of the whirlwind has slowed down but
soon it will pick up again.
We have met with four different language groups
already. What a source of encouragement to listen
to God’s Grace being worked out in their lives.
God bless you from the new room, Bruce and Jan
(my wonderful wife is canning tomatoes today)