Dear Friends,
We had a wonderful trip to Colorado to visit two of our daughters and grandkids. We also had the privilege of joining a small Bolivia reunion with several of our friends from over the years serving in Bolivia and at our kids boarding school.

A little update on our family. Vanessa and Pete are doing well in their new house and renovating their garage and they are both working on the ambulance. Kara and Ryan are keeping busy with their three kids being home schooled and playing sports. Their oldest is now in sixth grade, the second in fourth and the youngest in first. They grow up too fast! Talitha and Rob are settled into their new apartment in Colorado and getting to know a new church family. Rob is adjusting to his new job and advancing in his position as a civil engineer tech.

Thank you for your prayers for the radio station over the past few months as it was down and in need of repairs. It is back on the air 24/7 now, thanks to our technical support who was able to travel out to Horeb recently. They were also able to repaint and do some repairs to the tower. This is another praise as it is no easy job with it being 300 feet high with alternating red and white every nine feet, with the painters having to carry two colors of paint in two plastic cut out pop bottle containers. They were also able to check the light bulbs, lightning system, bolts, antenna, and connection cables while they were up on the tower. Praise the Lord for safety and success!

We have been working with Eva Jean Dockum on a slide presentation that travels through the whole Bible. She has been doing a wonderful job with the Spanish translation and reading of the scripts. This project is set up for cell phones, which is the up and coming way for listening to recorded programs, especially in Bolivia. We are excited to see how the Lord will work through this new project.

We are looking forward to our return to Bolivia as soon as it is possible, hopefully early next year. We have the Genesis Project, a five-hour video series done for the Yuracare. The video of John is ready to record for the Ayore. And we are also working on two new projects that have potential for reaching thousands more people with the gospel. Much more on that later.

If you could pray along with us for these prayer requests:

  1. Getting back to Bolivia is a high priority sometime early next year.
  2. Pray for Bolivia now that the elections are over, that the Lord would lead as He is leading our nation as well.
  3. We have invited Howard and Karla Moss, who have worked with the Yuracare, to come down with us to help get the Genesis project out to the Yuracare villages.
  4. As mentioned earlier, we have two interesting projects with high potential to reach more people with the Gospel, but the details are unknown at this time. Pray that we would see clear direction and confirmation as we consider these new opportunities.

Check out for updated information and ways to give online as we continue to broadcast in five different language groups 24/7

We are continually encouraged by your prayers and support in this season of unknowns.

Until the Lord’s return,

Bruce and Jan Johnson